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Terms of Use on rulesofsurvival.net contain terms for users. Therefore, you read these terms of use for having a good grasp of them before using the website.

Terms of Use section lets you know what rules are used on rulesofsurvival.net. Once you have known them, you will not break the rules to have a better experience on the website.

Why should we add terms of use to rulesofsurvival.net?

We know that not all users are good enough when it comes to online browsing. Therefore, to avoid violations from evil users, we have to set out some terms of use of the website. We set them out because we want to make our website a great place for entertainment.

As you know, rulesofsurvival.net is the site for the fans of Rules of Survival game (RoS) – one of the best survival battle royale games for you to play on PC and mobile phones. We made this website because we wanted to bring the latest news and updates to all the fans.

We recommend users read our terms of use prior to using our services on the website.

Terms of use on rulesofsurvival.net

On this website, you will update yourself with lots of the latest news on the RoS game. For instance, you can read reviews of the game, how-to-play articles, tips and tricks to play the game better, etc. To make your experience better, we provide you with some terms of use.


We own the types of content such as reviews and instructions. Hence, we don’t allow anyone to use them without our permission. However, we do not own the content from the original game developers like graphics, logos, images, and texts.


You can communicate with us through our email which is info@rulesofsurvival.net. We will reply to your email and help you solve the issues if any.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy contains the types of information that we collect from you. By reading it, you will know how well your information is protected and what we do with it.


Rulesofsurvival.net features advertisements. Therefore, you will see ads when you use our website. However, we do not own the content of the ads. They will be from third parties. We ensure that there will be no inappropriate content on this website.

User Rules

We also have rules for users. You need to learn these rules so you can use the website in the right way without any illegal activities.

We will want you to cooperate with us so we can find out the incidents if there are any illegal activities on the website.

User Account

We let you create an account to use our services on the website. Therefore, you must manage your account and protect your username with a password.

Data Protection

We will collect your information. Hence, you need to protect your information and learn our Privacy Policy to find out why we collect it and what we will do with it.

Rights to use the website

You can use our website anytime. However, we do not let you misuse the content or modify any content on the website.

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