Rules of Survival online

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Play Rules of Survival online to meet new opponents! Try to destroy them all using your collected weapons while protecting yourself to stay alive until the end.

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About Rules of Survival Online

It’s available for you to join Rules of Survival online and fight against other opponents alone. You can choose to play PUBG Pixel online, too. If you want to cooperate with your buddies, do not forget to create your Team. After the first step, you are able to embark on your adventure based on style, which is set on an abandoned island.

You should quickly search for items while fleeing from the red zone, for example, weapons, armor, ammo, and everything which is useful for the coming battle. You will soon meet up with hundreds of enemies around the world. You can loot destroyed people since they may drop some gear. You are able to carry up to two guns at once.

However, the number of ammunition and supplies will be limited because your backpack is not large. If you take damage, remember to restore your health by using bandages and boosters. Are you ready to engage and become the last survivor? Good luck!

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