Rosversary: It’s Party Time!

Rules of Survival is 1 year old! Login your favorite game and get ready to explore the Rosversary celebration with exciting events and more! It's Party Time!

Rosversary: It’s Party Time!

Welcome to the first biggest event for Rules Of Survival game! Rules of Survival Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary with Revolutionary Game Updates and Free Diamonds!

The celebration is officially opening! Between the 7th to the 27th of November, Rules of Survival, a famous Battle Royale game, has conquered over gamers worldwide with more than 230 million downloads, is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with a very large quantity of in-game events and giveaways.


Ros game would like to return a favor to its loyal fanbase due to their dedications and supports in the past year by launching major updates and awesome gifts during the Rosversary.

Why don’t you log in your ROS game and receive free diamonds along with numerous hidden bonus celebrations in corners of Rules of Survival? When they are revealed, celebrations can be gathered and exchanged for Anniversary Frames, backpacks, and so on.

Rosversary is introducing amazing discounts, consisting of time-limited sales of looks and supply, top-up with an additional 30% bonus gems, and the VIP system which can grant VIP users with appreciable offerings.

The Ca$h’n Shoot carnival

From the 21st of November, Netease will host Ca$h’n Shoot with a 1 Million dollars cash pool for those who accept to sign up in Rules of Survival world. Meanwhile, match points that you obtained in the event will be turned into the money so you can cash in on expert combat skills and tactical battle in ROS. Rule of Survival will unleash a small size Lite version in November, which significantly lessens the package size with no affecting the gameplay quality.

It takes place on the Ghillie Island of Rules Of Survival in Asia server on mobile. You can involve in by using Solo Mode. In the newest updated version, weekly competitions will be unlocked. By the end of weeks, the first 10,000 players on the leaderboard will get rewards corresponding with Gold Bullion, which is similar to diamonds. It can be changed into real-life money when you accumulate them to a certain amount.

The lightweight version

It will bring back players in Ros game a smoother gaming experience on more devices. Additionally, the Ultra one of ROS is on its way to the public so you can uncover the game with a better HD gameplay, with fine fighting scenes and more.

Rules Of Survival was formally available for download on the 17th of November, 2017

Rules Of Survival is the initial Battle Royale mobile game that helps hundreds of gamers fight for the top spot on the same battleground. Not only that, ROS game has ranked on the highest position of the chart in 58 countries with over 230 million downloads in one year. Rules of Survival game is currently active on mobiles, PCs, and Steam.

How about downloading the game and engage in the Rosversary celebration? Much fun!

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