Rules of Survival Update Notes Jan. 01-02

Attention Survivors:

Rules of Survival is a great Battle Royale game that you can play with multiple enemies in a massive arena. Rules of Survival will be updated from Jan. 01-02 with the aim of improving your gaming experience. Check maintenance times below to see when it takes place in your region.

Rules of Survival Update Notes Jan. 01-02

PDT (Los Angeles): 3:00 PM, -6:00 PM, Jan. 01, 2019

EDT (New York): 6:00 PM -9:00 PM, Jan. 01, 2019

UTC: 10:00 PM, Jan. 01 – 1:00 AM, Jan. 02, 2019

UTC+1 (London): 11:00 PM, Jan. 01 – 2:00 AM, Jan. 02, 2019

UTC+2 (Paris, Berlin): 11:59 PM, Jan. 01 – 3:00 AM, Jan. 02, 2019

UTC+3 (Istanbul, Moscow): 1:00 AM – 4:00 AM, Jan. 02, 2019

UTC+7 (Bangkok, Hanoi): 05:00 – 08:00, Jan. 02, 2019

UTC+8 (Singapore, Manila): 06:00 – 09:00, Jan. 02, 2019

UTC+9 (Tokyo, Seoul): 07:00 – 10:00, Jan. 02, 2019

The maintenance times above are subject to change, but we will do our upmost to get back up and running ASAP.

  1. New Content:
  • New wall-climbing function added: Avatars jump walls when players press the jump button while facing a wall. Walls that were previously impassable when jumping can now be climbed;
  • A Climb Assist option has been added to Settings. Players can turn off Climb Assist in-game in Settings. This option is located in Settings- Operation – Other Control Settings. When this option is turned off, players can climb walls as normal, but approaching the wall will not cause the avatar to climb the wall automatically. Also, players will not gravitate towards distant high walls. The default setting for this function is Off;
  • Gold Mode+ has been changed. Game mode will be changed to Shield Wall when the game has been updated. In this game mode a large number of Riot Shields and Shotguns are available. Vehicles will not be available and the circle shrinks at a faster pace;
  • Classic Supply has been renamed Vehicle Supply and Adv. Supply renamed Looks Supply;
  • Display function for Looks, Firearm and Vehicle Supply boxes has been added. Images of claimable content for the six supply boxes will be displayed to the left of the Supply interface. Players can tap to check the skin display;
  1. Experience Optimization
  • Added graphics settings. The four current settings will be increased to five upon update. They include: Excellent, High, Balance, Power Saving and Low. Default settings for different phone models has also been added;
  • Shadow options have been increased to five. They include: Ultra, High, Medium, Low, None. Default settings for different phone models has also been added;
  • FPS hint content has been improved: If a players’ average FPS in a game drops below a certain level, the game will recommend that the player lower their graphics setting. Tapping confirm will lower graphics and shadow quality;
  • The Enchanting Flower has been improved: Its music range has been expanded and is very effective when clearing buildings;
  • Improvement of wall-climbing function: The action of and sound effects for the wall-jumping function have been improved;
  • The visual presentation of RoS Ultra maps has been modified. The color tone of maps has been modified to reduce eye strain;
  • Music option has been modified: A mute option for music in the Prep Zone has been added;
  • Improved backpack display: Players can now choose different display backpacks for their male and female avatars;
  • Reconnecting after losing connection: The time needed to reconnect has been decreased.
  1. Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the refresh positions of items in Death Race Mode;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Daily Activity missions from being completed in RoS Ultra mode;
  • Fixed an issue players are unable to claim their Xmas Tickets;
  • Fixed an issue where the special effects for the Winter Wonderland were absent when female characters equipped it.

The Rules of Survival Development and Community Team

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