Rules Of Survival – Ranks, Grenades, Melee, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns

How to survive in Rules Of Survival game

It is a tutorial which is really useful for every survivor in Rules Of Survival Download or ROS. It will bring back the info about ranks and weapons along with equipment and items. All of them are fundamental that players will need before they kick off their match.

Rules For Survival

Firstly, you can check some basic instructions below.

  • Strike F to depart from the airplane instantly and control the mouse to aim at the direction that you expect to move in. Be careful! Do not drop yourself straight away!
  • In case you perceive with the eyes an object in Rules Of Survival PC game and the storm is getting close to your spot, please leave it!
  • Attempt to pick up armaments quickly and slay the foes nearby for more loot!
  • If you notice the rival, you should target by utilizing the Left mouse button and shoot down him with Right mouse.
  • Make sure that nobody else is watching something that you want so it can be safe for you to approach and collect it
  • To speed up and cover you better when playing Rules Of Survival PC Download, you can choose a vehicle instead of walking on foot.
  • Additionally, an abandoned house can be a good shelter. But, ensure that it is situated in the circle.
  • Do not skip supervising every entry point on the map because your opponents can leap through the window of the highest floor!

Now, you can head into the major part.


There are several positions that characters in Rule Of Survival game can achieve, depending on their possibility.

  • Bronze (Bronze III – Bronze II – Bronze I)
  • Silver (Silver III – Silver II – Silver I)
  • Gold (Gold IV – Gold III – Gold II – Gold I)
  • Platinum (Platinum V – Platinum IV – Platinum III – Platinum II – Platinum I)
  • Diamond (Diamond V – Diamond IV – Diamond III – Diamond II – Diamond I)
  • Grand Master


Aside from guns, grenades will take an important role in Rules Of Survival game free. And, it gets more interesting due to the existence of various types. They will support you to run away from a stronger guy or cause other effects.

  • Stun Grenades – They will be chosen to make your prey lose their sense of direction.
  • Smoke Grenades – Their smoke will reduce visibility.
  • Grenades – They can generate an explosion and kill many persons at a time.
  • Molotov – It is powerful and unpredictable. Before it touches the ground, it will burst into flames while being thrown.
  • Chicken Grenades – They can be unleashed to expand the damage radius.
  • Rocket Propelled Grenades – They are known as a portable missile launcher and a deadly rocket tube.


Don’t worry if you have no guns in hands when you are facing an enemy in Rules Of Survival game online!

  • Damascus Knife – It offers a faster swinging pace than the rest.
  • Frying Pan – It is effective to deflect a bullet and more.
  • Crowbar – It provides the highest damage amongst melee gear.
  • Rubber Chicken – It increases the movement speed and changes the path of bullets when hit.


Involve in Rules Of Survival pc download free you can experience the following properties.

  • G18C – Scavenge it if you find it at first. Although the damage that it deals is very low, at long range and hard to wield, it actually has a fast fire rate.
  • Desert Eagle – If you have nothing to deploy, remember to select it. It is more valuable than G18C.

Submachine Guns

There are submachine guns found in the Rule Of Survival game, consisting of:

  • PP19 – It is another Russian edition.
  • MP7 – It is based on a famous German submachine gun.
  • Thompson – It is inspired by a well-liked submachine gun worldwide.
  • Vector – It is regarded as a traditional American SMG.
  • MP5 – We have a German classic SMG here.
  • P90 – It is originated in Belgium.


In addition to Melee, Pistols and Submachine Guns, you can enrich your collection in Rules Of Survival download with:

  • M4A1 – A renowned assault rifle
  • AR15 – A strong assault rifle or a civilian version of the M4A1 with 2 shooting modes scattered across the playground
  • ACR – Took the place of AR15, with an upgrade of recoil
  • AN94 – Alike the M14EBR but does a little less damage, it works well in Single and Burst fire modes
  • AKM – It is a fantastic rifle with high damage and two firing modes Single and Auto. But, its recoil is extremely high. So, it is not easy to use unless in single shots with a scope and a compensator.
  • M14EBR – It is a marksman rifle not common in Rules Of Survival PC. It can be activated in Single and Burst modes. M14EBR is ready to replace a sniper rifle, with an appropriate sight.
  • M249 – A great light machine gun which is located in Supply Crates. It does not match any attachments but sights.
  • AUG – It can be taken from the Supply Crates section. It has Auto and Single firing modes. You can apply the same accessories as the AR15 and ACR. It is identical to AKM in terms of damage.


Shotguns can be searched when you wander around the Rules Of Survival game or looted from a victim.

  • AA12 – It is a completely automatic item, with a 5-round clip and a few extendable peripheral devices such as EX, QD, and EX-QD magazines. Nevertheless, it is not suitable for the SG bullet loop or SG choke.
  • M1887 – It can contain 2 shells at once. Of course, it gives a high damage output.
  • M870 – It will carry 5 shells. It is pertinent to the SG bullet loop and SG choke.
  • SAIGA-12 – It is a semi-auto gun comprising a clip which can be connected to a muzzle and low-powered scope attachments to boost up the stability. It possesses the second highest damage.
  • WRO – It can fire once before you recharge it. It will cause a sturdy damage mid-range while it comes with the longest range and the top damage. The SG bullet loop can enhance mag. capacity to 2. The SG choke will make it run accurately.

Sniper Rifles

It is the final pieces of the Weapons fragment in Rules Of Survival play.

  • SVD – It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It can produce 30-35 damage and combine with a holographic sight.
  • QBU88 – It is another semi-automatic bullpup sniper rifle. It is indistinguishable from the SVD. It can fasten with a holographic sight.
  • AWM – It is a high damage bolt-action sniper rifle, with 4x scope.
  • M110 – It is a bolt-action sniper. M110 will set the comparable damage and range as the AWM. It can be put alongside a 4X scope. It is an alternative to the AWM in the Fearless Fiord map.
  • Barrett – It is a 50 caliber bolt-action sniper rifle with very high damage.
  • AS VAL – It is an assault rifle firing sniper rifle ammo. You can equip it with a 4x scope and an integrated suppressor.


They are helpful headgear for players within the Rules Of Survival game. They are sorted like:

  • Level 1 Helmet – Lowers 30% of the damage to your head
  • Level 2 Helmet – Lessens 40%
  • Level 3 Helmet – Decreases 55%


With the presence of Helmets, you should wear metal coverings after you land on the island of Rules Of Survival game free.

  • Level 1 Body Armor – Shortens 30% of the damage to your body. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Level 2 Body Armor – Cuts 40%
  • Level 3 Body Armor – Brings down 55%⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Back Packs

They are designed to store some essential tools in Rules Of Survival PC.

  • Level 1 – Add 150 spaces to bear more
  • Level 2 – Grant 200 carrying capacities
  • Level 3 – Active with 250

Ghillie Island

It is a clear image of the Ghillie island in Rules Of Survival PC Download.

ROS Ghillie Island

Fearless Fiord Map

Fearless Fiord Map

To discover the new Fearless Fiord map, you can participate in the Rules of Survival game from now on.

Hope you enjoyed!

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