Rules of Survival News #21: Updating The Banned List

Rules of Survival game introduces an update #21 to all survivors for both Mobile and PC. It centers on the banned list, steam update (VAC) and several issues.

Here’s the new Update of Rules of Survival focusing on the list of banned players and some in-game issues experienced by the players. Also, you can explore the steam update (VAC) and the cheaters update too. Let’s explore them more!

Note: The news consists of the updates of Mobile and PC version.

Steam Update (VAC)

The development team is still teaming up with Steam on carrying out VAC (abbreviated to Valve Anti-Cheat) to help with the cheater prevention. Surely VAC will take a certain amount of time to implement as it needs a number of alterations to Rules of Survival and many acceptance processes.

Cheaters Update*

Cheaters Update

Things that the development carried out during July 27th – August 2nd

  • The list of banned people got longer! There were 240,088 survivors banned from the game. They were caught cheating or utilizing illegal ways when playing Rules of Survival.
  • The developers carried on exploring lots of things like ESP, Aimbots, Fast Landing and Super Jump third-party plug-ins with other things that the cheaters have employed in order to make a deal with the game as well as enhanced the Anti-Cheat Systems to repay them.
  • The fairness is still brought back to the game since the developers still BAN Devices**. Also, they will give a punishment to the players who ruin the game.
  • Throughout each maintenance period, an upgrade in detecting the third party plug-ins was utilized with Rules of Survival at the same time.
  • Ban Appeals are still being operated and the customer support team will take care of them.

*NEW: Upgraded detection of data-modifying plugins. The speed and accuracy of some anti-hack measures were upgraded.

**Devices can be anything that is used to play Rules of Survival, including PC and Mobile.

Click here [] to check out the 24th List of Banned Survivors.

Remember that this is just a “partial list” and it doesn’t contain the survivors who got banned in the past 7 days.

In-Game Issues

One of the most outstanding issues in the game, for now, is to not receive the diamonds.


Some survivors didn’t receive any diamonds after buying them. This kind of issues is being looked into by the developers and they are trying to find out the reason why. But there is a record of its recording on the system. It showed that nothing was lost after the payment was made.


For the PC users:

You can totally fix this problem by tapping to scan the payment once again using your mobile phone, however, make sure you won’t pay again. After that, just cancel out. By doing so, the system will be refreshed. But if this issue keeps happening, just simply send an e-mail to In the e-mail, you should include the name/ID you use in the game, together with the server and some relevant info about your payment.

For the Mobile users:

If you are using the mobile, to fix this issue, you have to submit a support ticket in the game via the CS Center. Go to the Settings where you can find it.

Other issues in the game

If you play the game on your mobile device and have already undergone other issues in the game, you are highly recommended to go to “Settings” and “CS Center” then submit a support ticket. All of your purchases or lost guest accounts will be included. But, don’t forget to follow the former links for Ban Appeals.

Sending an e-mail to and attach all of your in-game name, ID server and your problem to the e-mail if you are using the PC to play the game.

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