Rules of Survival New Update On 30th May

All survivors of Rules of Survival game need to check out a new update which will enhance the gaming experience. The update focuses on some new content promising to make the game more engaging. If you are following the game, make sure you won’t miss the schedule of maintenance.

Rules of Survival New Update

Maintenance time

From 05:00 to 08:00 on 30th May 2018.

Note: The maintenance time can take longer than expected.

New content

  • Diamond Mode was added to ROS. It will be available at certain times in a week. You need to bring gems to enter the battle, fight against rivals, kill them all to steal their gems.
  • With mercenary lobby added, you can use your gem to hire other fighters belonging to other teams and let them join you in the fight.

Overall experience

  • The action of bowing and raising the head of Robot Droid was optimized.
  • The national rankings will be displayed first in the rankings of the game.
  • The performance adjustment was optimized for discrepant image quality.
Rules of Survival New Update On 30th May
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