Rules of Survival Update on 23rd May

New update for Rules of Survival game! If you are a hardcore fan of this shooter survival game, make sure you check out new content and a new schedule for the maintenance. The new update promises to better your gaming experience. Check it out.

Rules of Survival New Content

Maintenance time

From 05:00 to 08:00 on 30th May 2018.

Note: The maintenance time can take longer than expected.

New content

A class gameplay was added, and it lets the players join the game as a human or support droid in the Fireteam mode in ranked games. This will take place from 18:00 – 22:00 on Saturday and Sunday. If you chose to become a human, you can follow all basic skills of a human, and the way you play is just like when you join the normal ranked games. But if you play as a Robot Droid, you need to accept the fact that you are unable to use equipment and tools of the human. You can’t attack, can’t sit, lie down and drive the vehicles. The HP of Robot will be regained through over time when it isn’t attacked by anybody. The Robot Droid has 1 passive skill with 4 active skills, which are:

  • Revive: This is a passive skill. It’s easy for the droid to revive itself if it’s close to a random human teammate when it gets demolished. If all human teammates are killed, it can’t revive itself. It takes 15 seconds to revive a robot.
  • Teleport: The Robot Droid can use this skill to reach any teammates that haven’t been destroyed.
  • Repair: It’s so easy for the support Droid to repair itself so as to regain its HP.
  • Acceleration: The Robot Droid is able to speed up in a short time. Throughout the acceleration time, it can’t be hurt by anything, and when it comes across an impediment on its way, 15 points of AoE damage will be created, and this will have an influence on your rival and yourself.
  • Punch: The droid can be able to dish out a small amount of damage as well as destroy the windows.

School Campus is the new lobby theme added to the game. It will support the exhibition of a lot of sports car skins.

The items in the item section of the Looks page were all transferred to the warehouse section.

Overall experience

An iron sight was already attached to the third person view. You can turn it on anytime, even when the scope hasn’t been installed yet.


After a lobby theme has been used successfully, a notification will turn up.

The window for the login page was greatly optimized. The number of windows is limited.

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