Rules of Survival: Newbie Guide

If you are a newbie of Rules of Survival game, you should quickly take a look at a full guide on what to do and how to interact with your character before joining this Battle Royale game. The guide focuses on in-game controls, and there will be several tips given to you too. All you have to do is to read the entire guide carefully so you can have a better grasp of the game.

In-game controls

Since it’s a mobile app game, you only have to tap on the screen of your mobile device to control the game. But still, there are several buttons that need to be noticed!

There are three buttons displayed on a screen in the given image below:

Rules of Survival Displayed On a Screen

Your character is able to jump, crouch, and prone. Tap on those buttons to interact with him/her.

Rules of Survival Jump, Crouch, And Prone

Use the left stick for your movements in the game, and use the right stick for aiming or using the camera.

Use the left stick for your movements in the game

You can turn by sliding. See the image above and follow the yellow arrows.

Rules of Survival See the image above and follow the yellow arrows

Now you must collect the firearm. There are several nearby weapons as shown in the yellow part, like M4A1, Assault Rifle, Rifle Ammo, etc.

Rules of Survival Collect the Firearm

To reload your gun, just quickly tap the weapon icon.


It’s time to learn how to play and survive in Rules of Survival game! You must go search for the weapons that are being scattered over the battleground. Then, you must equip yourself with them so you can take out the enemies.

There is an assault rifle turning up in front of you, just quickly pick it up.

Rules of Survival Rifle Turning Up

Don’t forget to collect the ammo either

Rules of Survival Collect The Ammo

Reload your gun by tapping the weapon icon

Gun by Tapping The Weapon Icon

Now you see there is a blank space in of you, move up ahead, then try to check it out, you can slide to steer to the left.

Rules of Survival Slide To Steer To The Left

You are taken to the outside, and there is a target right in front of you. quickly drag to aim and then drop the target. You can steer or move forward a bit.

Rules of Survival Taken to The Outside

Follow the yellow arrows in the image, pick the weapon to attack your target.

Follow the yellow arrows in the image

If you succeed in killing your enemy, he/she will be taken to the healing bay right away.

Taken To The Healing Bay Right Away

There are items, just tap to collect them.

Items, Just Tap to Collect

Quickly shut the pick-up interface. Tap the “Fold” button to close it.

Quickly shut the pick-up interface

Now you have to reach the next point. Follow the blue arrow and tap the yellow arrow to steer your character.

Rules of Survival Reach The Next Point

You see that there are two targets ahead of you. Quickly drag to aim and drop the target.

Quickly Drag to Aim and Drop The Target

Carefully slide to aim your enemy.

Carefully Slide to Aim Your Enemy

Quickly tap the left fire button as shown in the image below so you can shoot

Quickly Tap The Left Fire Button

Quickly tap to use the meds to heal yourself.

Quickly Tap To Use The Meds

And this time, you will absorb Christmas candies.

Absorb Christmas Candies

Game Rules

After learning the gameplay, it’s time for you to master the game rules! There are four things you must keep in mind when you become a true survivor of ROS game, including the prep zone (up to 120 people), parachute yourself into a vast island, scavenging for lots of items, and fight against the enemies to the death. While roaming the locations in the game, you have to elude the danger zone if you want to survive longer. You can learn your current status by opening the map to check it.

With the image below, it shows the danger, and the safe zone that is shrinking

Shows The Danger And The Safe Zone

Remember that the white zone is always safe, and that’s the place you have to be in. But you must be careful because it will gradually get smaller through over time. When the danger zone is enlarging more and more, you must quickly go to the safe zone!

Rules of Survival Quickly Go to The Safe Zone

That’s all! Now you already have a better grasp of the rules, gameplay and the controls in this Rules of Survival game. Let’s get ready and set your footsteps into the game arena now!

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