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Rules Of Survival – HOW TO GET BETTER AT ROS

If you’d like to become the top player in Rules Of Survival game and bring home the gold, you can put an entire lot of practice. Obviously, training is only a part of the equation and you will not seize an opportunity in case you do not realize what you will implement. It is the reason why the useful set of Rules Of Survival tips are set. It will offer a good spawning point to complete your skills in the match. In order to collect the tricks related to the method to succeed in Rules Of Survival game, you can pick a notepad, a pen, and prepare to begin now!

Search a control scheme you feel convenient

How to get Better at Ros

Firstly, you can check out the basics and explore different options that ROS game provides for controls. Normally, when you join clones of famous games like ROS, little people cared goes into the controls beyond maybe helping you modify the camera’s sensitivity. In Rules Of Survival game, menus will be loaded with sliders and various control schemes. If you see that the default causes difficulty, you can try other items. It is recommended to dig deeper into the Advance menu and switch on “double tap to turn around” even if you are comfortable with the default.

Movement in Rules Of Survival game is quite tricky, especially in games that have virtual controls. In which, you cannot hover your mouse cursor and double tap the joystick smoothly.

The favorite places to drop

Rules Of Survival game will start in the scene where every player is being loaded on to the plane. The aircraft will fly over an island that the battle royale will burst out. Before you rush into a competition, you can rehearse by jump out of the airplane and discover the distance that your parachute can bring you to gather enough necessary information of how far you can go astray from the flight path. If you turn on that tool too early, you can wander off farther. However, that will pop up with a disadvantage of slowing your final dropping. Those who wait until the last second to pull their cloth canopy will hit the ground first.

There are two unique strategies that you can carry out with the spot you fall. They are similar to each other. It is possible to hop out and wish to land in the center of Rules Of Survival map as well as fight soon or roam to look for a safe area before you are ready to get back. The former can be nice because eliminating your rivals and robbing their gear is a great way to obtain good weapons. But, many characters love to take their time and walk slowly.

In ROS game, you can open up the minimap whenever if you want to seek some buildings. Tap to mark and have a look at the HUD at the top of the screen to head to that region. In some situations, you can be a lucky guy when you land there. Houses can contain everything you expect.

Remember to observe the surroundings so as to know where your opponents are descending after you have got your parachute! Additionally, you should bookmark those locations because people who arrive from these zones can approach and destroy you later. If you spot somebody coming to the exact same territory you are staying, it is essential to determine whether or not you will change direction and travel somewhere else or engage in a fierce loot scramble to slay them first.

Looting priority and what to look in the beginning

Of course, when you initially drop, you may want to pick up a few guns. But, you can embark on finding a backpack and a helmet when you have landed on the battlefield of Rules Of Survival game. The backpack will allow you to improve your carrying capacity. That enlargement will influence to how much ammo and stuff you can use. You will get serious troubles when you pass up health packs and other crucial objects because you have not had a backpack yet. Meanwhile, the helmet will protect your head from being shot. You can die instantly after one headshot.

From that, the selected load-out is one weapon that works well at close distances, for example, a shotgun or a submachine gun or any type of rifle with an optic. Scopes are very strong when being used in Rules Of Survival game because you can shoot down someone from so far away while they cannot see you. But, a scoped rifle is not an ideal choice for melee fighting, for instance, in houses. In those places, you can switch to a shotgun or SMG.

The shockingly complex psychology of the “door meta” and leaving loot behind

When you have head into a deserted residence in Rules Of Survival game, you have to unbolt the doors. Unfortunately, you also have left a trail. It is not different from you create an obvious path while you do or don’t collect items. Controlling the psychology of your antagonists may be important. You can choose to sit in the bathroom to wait for the prey before shooting him. But, everybody seems to act carefully when they enter a house.

Patience is key

In Rules Of Survival game, you can get listed in the top 25 by performing nothing but crouching and waiting for a few minutes. It is a way to relax whilst you gradually reach the first circle and evade conflict.

Scavenge equipment and ammunition, maintain your HP, and avoid fights of other persons. Or, you can sit in one point and shoot after some time.

The sound is everything, use headphones

You are advised to turn on the sound when you play Rules Of Survival game. What you hear will be the clues to explore the position of numerous people. The noise can come from vehicles, footsteps, shots, and more. If they are near, an indicator will be visible at the HUD. They are audio cues which help you feel exactly the spot of neighbors. With the sound and the patience, you can survive longer. Do not ignore the planes flying above and bombs which are being released in the red zone! They can reduce the volume of everyone’s movement nearby. It can be your advantage.

Don’t fear the green!

The main mechanic that operates Rules Of Survival or Battle Royale titles is a system of circles that direct where you need to advance toward to escape from physical harm. A primary circle will be revealed on the map inside of another bigger. You can make it to that smaller one by the moment the larger one touches its edge or you will be injured.

Although that damage is not considerable, everybody deals with these items like you are going to get the same outcome if you leave them. Your health will be decreased for sure. However, it is something that you can swiftly restore through medkits.

By skipping the first circle in Rules Of Survival game, you will stay in a zone in which it is actually promised you will not bump into other characters and can only violently loot whatever you see. If you take some damage, keep calm!

Circle positioning and catching people running in:

Because participants in Rules Of Survival game usually think that they are afraid of getting wounds from the circle, there is a handy strategy that they can choose to invert what has been mentioned before and quickly put yourself at the very border of the key circle, located with a great cover supervising a road or a field that players will be forced to go through to set foot on the safety.

If someone is late or ahead of the damage-dealing forcefield, he will sprint and cause lots of noise. Besides, he will not pay attention to your presence. It is so simple to kill him!

Crates are the perfect bait

A plane will sometimes glide throughout the sky of ROS game and drop a crate containing the best loot. If you take a high ground, you can wait to fire at those who are collecting that big box. Do not forget to aim carefully and snipe fast!

Always make sure you have grenades

Grenades will clear more targets and do more damage than normal weapons in Rules Of Survival game. They are effective to knock down those who are in a house. But, you should not throw them hurriedly. You can be uncovered if someone is playing with sound.

Use the third-person camera to your advantage

It might not be noticeable when you have started Rules Of Survival game. But, you can mine the third party camera to look around corners, over walls, and through windows. You will guess how far you can go make a journey before being seen and how to have complete views outside windows with no being detected. It is critical to conceal and get the jump on your enemy.

Don’t bother with duo and squad play unless you’re playing with friends!

One of the most annoying sections in ROS game is that there is an endless queue of people who love to experience the Duo or Squad mode. So, you must spend hours before you drop and work together with teammates. Moreover, most players cannot recognize what the map markers are or the function of the in-game voice chat.

Keep at it!

Rules Of Survival is regarded as the best game inspired by PUBG. It is available on the App Store. Unsuccessful matches will make the next round easier. Try to play strategically and analytically!

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