Rules of Survival Update Notes Jan. 15-16

Rules of Survival Update Notes

Rules of Survival Update Notes Jan. 15-16

Explore Rules of Survival game based on the Battle Royale genre you need to pay attention to patches to know changes in your adventure. One of them is Rules of Survival Update Notes January 15-16.

In this recent update we have released the Lapu Lapu and Kachawan themed packs. Though both of the looks were designed out of our intention to promote the Southeast Asian culture, we have realized that the Kachawan skin might have offended the religious beliefs of some players.

Therefore, we decided to permanently take down the Kachawan skin in the next update (Jan 16th) in order to show our respect to all religions and beliefs. Special thanks to all Survivors for your support and understanding.

Note: Players who already purchased the skin can keep in in their inventory and it won’t be removed.

Rules of Survival will be updated from Jan. 15-16 with the aim of improving your gaming experience. Check maintenance times below to see when it takes place in your region.

PDT (Los Angeles): 3:00 PM, -6:00 PM, Jan. 15, 2019

EDT (New York): 6:00 PM -9:00 PM, Jan. 15, 2019

UTC: 10:00 PM, Jan. 15 – 1:00 AM, Jan. 16, 2019

UTC+1 (London): 11:00 PM, Jan. 15 – 2:00 AM, Jan. 16, 2019

UTC+2 (Paris, Berlin): 11:59 PM, Jan. 15 – 3:00 AM, Jan. 16, 2019

UTC+3 (Istanbul, Moscow): 1:00 AM – 4:00 AM, Jan. 16, 2019

UTC+7 (Bangkok, Hanoi): 05:00 – 08:00, Jan. 16, 2019

UTC+8 (Singapore, Manila): 06:00 – 09:00, Jan. 16, 2019

UTC+9 (Tokyo, Seoul): 07:00 – 10:00, Jan. 16, 2019

The maintenance times above are subject to change, but we will do our upmost to get back up and running ASAP.

  1. New Content
  • New firearm: Healer. It can be used to temporarily restore some HP of teammates or enemies that have been knocked down. During this time players can shoot, move and use items as normal.
  • Four-wheeled vehicles now have tires that burst. Tires belonging to four-wheeled vehicles in Ranked Matches can be shot out after update, but the vehicle can still be driven. However, the speed, acceleration and steering sensitivity will all be reduced if they are shot out. The reduction is more apparent with every tire blown out. This content is available in all game modes except Death Race Mode;
  • Set a target for 2019: Set yourself a new target at the start of the new year and pay a certain amount of gold into the pot to participate. When you have achieved your goal, you can split the pot. You can also choose one friend to complete this task with you!
  • Boot Camp has been rebooted. Rewards for Boot Camp missions have been increased. Apart from an increase in mission rewards, completing each stage will give players additional rewards. Also, two exclusive looks have been added to the final reward, Phoenix and Crimson Tiger. In addition, veteran players will be classed as new recruits for 14 days, which allow them to repeat Boot Camp missions and claim corresponding rewards;
  • Added a new in-battle hide looks function: A Hide Looks option has been added to the in-game Backpack looks list. When activated, only you and your teammates’ looks will be visible. Enemies will be unable to see your equipped looks;
  • This week’s game mode is Bonanza: Game mode will change to Bonanza after update. A large number of advanced items and rare weapons available in-game;
  1. Experience Optimizations
  • Firearm modification: M249 machine gun damage has been slightly reduced, while QBZ rifle damage has been slightly increased. The number of QBZ rifles place on maps have been slightly increased;
  • Crossbow modification: The projectiles speed is greatly increased when fired and falling trajectory has been reduced. The firing effect for G-Launchers remains unchanged;
  • Changing graphics in settings will also change shadow and resolution settings. After graphics have been changed, players can still change shadow and resolution settings separately;
  • New resolutions options have been added to settings. The following are the options as well as their corresponding default graphic settings: Poor (Low), Low (Smooth), Standard (Balance), High (High), Ultra (Excellent);
  • A new Anti-Alias option has been added to settings in android game versions;
  • Opening doors on PC versions has been improved. The open door button will no longer appear when a character faces a door behind them;
  • RoS Ultra has been optimized. Lightning has been added for the darkest parts of the night in-game. Some fog is present in the mornings and at dusk;
  • The refresh distance for finely detailed grass has been increased. Players will see less grass refreshes when moving;
  • Improved the presentation of standing after climbing onto a high area;
  • The purchase restriction logic on the firearm recommendation interface has been modified: Each type of skin can only be purchased once and this is permanent;
  • The refreshing of remodel images on the Workshop interface has been improved;
  1. Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game hit judgment when shooting vehicles driving up elevated areas in inaccurate;
  • Fixed an issue where map elements on the Fearless Fiord map sometimes disappear;
  • Fixed an issue where characters fall through the ground after exiting a flipped vehicle;
  • Fixed an issue where the camera angle is sometimes slanted after exiting a vehicle;
  • Fixed an abnormality with Fuzzinator’s face on the PC version of the game;
  • Fixed an issue with the camera in first-person mode when playing on a PC;
  • Fixed an issue where the posture of the fifth player’s character is abnormal when teaming up for a Firearm game in the Future Sight Lobby;
  • Fixed an issue where players can enter the Mystery store by tapping on the right of the Future Sight Lobby;
  • Fixed an issue where gunfire alerts sometimes appear when throwing throwable objects;
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when switching to third-person mode in an FPS Ranked match;
  • Fixed an issue where some iOS devices would quit unexpectedly.

The Rules of Survival Development and Community Team

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