Rules of Survival: Thank You

Dear all survivors!

It was such the best feeling to know that Rules of Survival game has earned over 80 million downloads worldwide and it still has been the top-free download game in up to 48 countries since its global first launch on Nov. 18, 2017. More than 100 thousand teams from 65 countries have been built and set up to join the ROS World Championship. The entire development team was so glad to learn that, and they want to show their gratitude to all the players who have been with them until now by launching a special Free Giveaway Event. You will get a lot of free gifts from this awesome event. Make sure that you will log in the game every day from Dec. 30, 2017, to Jan.5, 2018 for a free daily gift.

Rules of Survival: Thank You

The number of Japanese and Korean players in RoS game has been increased more and more. A Japanese/Korean test server has been released in order to bring a better gaming experience to the players in those two countries. Make sure you won’t miss the test period which is scheduled: JST/KST: Dec 30 18:00 GMT+9. You are able to change the servers if you want, and join the test server from the login page. Let’s check it out!

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