Rules of Survival PC version

Rules of Survival PC version

Rules of Survival PC version is playable for free now! You can join this PC version for the game and take this chance to conquer your adventure. With the online PC version, Rules of Survival now will open a wider field of competition with much more challenges. There are no changes made to this version, meaning you will enjoy the similar gameplay mechanics to the previous mobile version. Confront with up to 120 players in the same arena, roam the locations carefully to collect more weapons so as to defeat your opponents. You need to prepare some smart tactics in advance, and utilize them during the fight to help you overcome challenges. You can team up with other friendly players, play as a team to wipe out tougher enemies. There is a zone that keeps getting smaller as time goes by. Your main objective is to survive in that circle until the very end of the battle. That’s when you become a winner! Enjoy it now!

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