Rules of Survival: Patch notes (Nov.29)

Rules of Survival: Notice (Nov.29)

The new notice of Rules of Survival focuses on further changes, enhancements, more updates in the patch note in terms of gameplay, UI, new features, sounds, and graphics. In addition, you can check out the new schedule for the game maintenance in each region in this notice too. This new update will surely make your gaming experience much better!

Schedule of maintenance

UTC: 07:00 AM – 9:00 AM, Nov.30, 2017

PST: 11:00 PM Nov.29 – 01:00 AM, Nov. 30, 2017

AST: 03:00 AM – 05:00 AM, Nov.30, 2017

CCT: 15:00 – 17:00 Nov. 30, 2017

The completion time is roughly calculated, and there’s always a chance for it to operate longer.

Patch notes


The restriction of the player in Duo and Squad battles was changed, and now it only consists of 60 players.

The movement speed got altered while you are shooting. Now you can move more slowly when you shoot a weapon while making the movements.

The fall damage got altered too. If the players fall down from very great heights, they will take some damage.

The damage received from taking a leap off a moving vehicle was strongly decreased.

The spawn rate of backpacks and the body armor was somewhat increased.

The vehicle control and handling got an optimization

The matching parameters were modified. Now the matching times got enhanced.

The lobby and parachute slowdown got some optimization.

Now you can experience the left-hand cancel throw function.

Already made some optimization to the movement, position changes, or even taking a leap in scope view. The open scope speed was grown too.

Now the scope mode has a cancel function for a long press

New features added

A brand new weather system was just attached to the game. There are several kinds of weather that will happen when you join every single match, including sunny, foggy, dusk and dawn.

There is also a gold reward system in the game now. The players are able to receive 200 bonus gold once finishing their daily initial match.

The logo screen got altered, and now you can experience an amazing 3D effect.

The game now has bicycles too. These kinds of vehicles will help you move faster than running, but they are not as fast as the machine vehicles. They don’t require any fuel. You can use the bicycle if you travel from medium range to a long range.

Sounds and graphics

The air-drop effect got enhanced, which enables the players to find the air-drops.

Some sound effects were added to the game, they were set off by utilizing some items.

The sound effects when opening or closing the doors or even making some footsteps were much enhanced.

The dying visual effects were upgraded.


The UI of utilizing throwables got enhanced in order to grow the accuracy

The logical of real-time audio got enhance. The players have to permit the microphone every time they join the game.

The sequence of fast commands got enhanced.

Now the UI of battle results got enhanced too. More details of gold got from combat were added.

There is a chatbox in the lobby, and it was much enhanced. You can find it easier to read now.

The fast commands UI got solved, and the problem causing the commands to be screened out in a wrong way was fixed.

Now when you jump or crouch, your action won’t interrupt and have an effect on the Running Locked state.

The instructor’s avatar in the prep zone was changed.

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