Rules of Survival Patch Notes Dec 28

A brand new joyful year is about to come! The entire development team of Rules of Survival is expecting that the New Year will bring happy moments to all players. But then, an unknown virus happens and it is attempting to demolish everything on the battleground, causing lots of soldiers to become steel-limbed zombies. This is going to be an exciting event that is coming up in the next year. Will they be able to dominate the whole arena? Let’s wait for this zombie battle!

Rules of Survival game also experienced the latest update introduced on Dec 28. It will contain new interesting things and some changes. Also, you should find out new maintenance times in all regions.

Rules of Survival Patch Notes Dec 28

Maintenance times

  • UTC: 07:00 AM – 09:00 AM, Dec. 28, 2017
  • PST: 11:00 PM, Dec. 27 – 01:00 AM, Dec. 28, 2017
  • AST: 03:00 AM – 05:00, Dec. 28, 2017
  • CCT: 15:00 – 17:00, Dec. 28, 2017

The period of time for the accomplishment is roughly calculated. It can take a longer time.

New things and changes introduced in this update


Two new contents were added to the game, including a new zombie mode, and a discount page to the marketplace.

New zombie mode: You can pick it while you are in the matchmaking menu. In each round, some players will be spawned again as zombies. They are armed with an exclusive jumping skill to take a leap over the roofs or walls. These zombies may get a chance to dominance the battlefield. Let’s wait for this combat!

Discount page to the marketplace: You are able to change diamonds into gold coins with this new content. You can spend diamonds on lots of special items, such as the firefighter set, delivery set, Xmas reindeer set, and a cute bear parachute. But you have to keep in mind that these awesome sale outfits can only be obtained for a limited period of time. When the Christmas event is finished, these items won’t be approachable anymore to buy.

Now, an assault rifle has been included in the game, and it’s called the AS VAL. You can find it in supply drops easily. There are two firing modes on this weapon, along with a default 4x scope and silencer. You are unable to get rid of these attachments.

The main lobby now consists of a brand new voice chat function.


The vehicle HP got decreased, but the vehicle turn radius was extended.

The forward jump motion of the character was developed, also, the movement became smoother.

Made an optimization for the feel of the sprint of your character after shooting weapon.

The one-shot mode recoil recovery speed of M4A1, AKM, AR15, and M1 4EBR was decreased. But the maximum general recoil of every single rifle was developed.

The default scope of AWM was altered to a 4x scope.

Solved a problem making the effect of flashbang unable to show accurately!  Also, the time period of flashbang’s blinding effect was developed.

The throwable items now get a developed throwing distance.

The color of effect turning up when a target is hit by a bullet was changed, now you find it easier to figure it out.

Overall experience

The hacker that got caught in the game has been disciplined by the developers.

Make an optimization to the gameplay so that the freezes won’t happen anymore while you are collecting objects.

Audio and visual effects

Some melee weapons, like frying pan, crowbar, rubber chicken now consist of exclusive sound effects which will play when you swing the weapons around.

The login menu now has background music.

The handling sounds of the MP7 and PP19 were created again.

Made an optimization to the sound effects of the three-wheeler.

Now the melee weapons won’t turn up in the hands of the character while he/she is swimming.


The login announcements page got upgraded. Other things that were updates are leaderboard, chat, and friends list in the main lobby.

You should try to be ranked Bronze II and above so you can send messages in the Global and team-up channels in order to decrease the ads and spam.

The layout of the Settings menu was altered again.

The little eye button now has an optimized appearance.

PC Version

With the PC-specific update, the video card got optimized in order to enhance graphics quality and framerate

A problem making the game graphics blurry after away from the keyboard for a long period of time was solved.

When you play the PC, you won’t see tips on screen sliding/swiping after getting into a vehicle.

Bug fixing

Already solved a bug when you are in the main lobby, the hairline of the male moxi dry hairstyle didn’t show naturally.

Repaired a bug making the sound effects in the game sometimes cut off prior to playing through.

The app won’t crash sometimes anymore.

The game invites won’t experience some failures when sending to friends.

The trees don’t seem to be glowing or flickering anymore while you are scoped into a weapon.

The gold icon will now turn up in the game mail.

Sometimes, the in-game mail titles would be shown wrong, and this bug was solved.

Made an optimization to the real-time voice chat reception logic! Also, the audio volume got enhanced.

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