Rules of Survival: Patch notes Dec.13

Rules of Survival: Patch notes Dec.13

Rules of Survival game presents you to another update that has been released on December 13th, 2017. The new update promises to make your game run smoothly, more exciting, and especially, you will explore various brand new features.

Maintenance times

The game will undergo some maintenance times! You should check out the schedule for it and see what time it will start in your area:

  • UTC: 07:00 AM – 09:00 AM, Dec. 14, 2017
  • PST: 11:00 PM, Dec. 13 – 01:00 AM, Dec. 14, 2017
  • AST: 03:00 AM – 05:00 AM, Dec. 14, 2017
  • CCT: 15:00 – 17:00, Dec. 14, 2017

The time for the completion is not always accurate, and there’s still a possibility for it to take longer.

Patch note


The anti-cheat detection got upgraded! Now, more measures about the protection and detection for the crucial gaming data are attached to the game already. The measures were all upgraded so as to cope with the grass elimination and speed hacks. The developers will try to cope with the players that were discovered to utilize hacks and launch their names at irregular intervals. All players are expected to fair play in the game so as to create a fair environment.

The fluency when you collect items was developed.

The rate of crash for iOS devices was decreased. It’s easy for you guys to download the new version so you can solve the crash issue.

Made an optimization to the performance of the game, also the lag got decreased too. The CPU of consumption of supply crates, the sounds of footstep along with the particular maneuvers were all reduced.


The ultimate scope of signal zone was altered.

The doling out of the grass density was altered, also, the height of vegetation was reduced.

The damage of M4A1, AR15, and AKM over 100m was decreased. Also, their shooting rates were decreased a little bit.

Thompson’s fire rate got moved down too. You can now use it with various sights, such as red dot, holo, or 2x scope.

Now the sniper rifles have the default scopes

The closing range delay after shooting was attached to the game. It will make the players find it easier to see the high point.

There was a problem happening when the players are lying down to cover themselves and they are unable to help their teammates. Now, it won’t happen like that anymore. With the posture now, you can change to a crouch while supporting.

The handy range of aiding was developed now.

Now the identifiable colors for damage given to the vehicles and players were added.

The audio cues of bicycles were got rid of.

The blue sports cars won’t have high spawn rate anymore.

When the players don’t have weapons or they are armed with close ranged weapons, their movement speed won’t be changed.

The assault range of melee weapons got developed also, the attack rate was grown a bit.

The showing of throwables’ countdown was altered.

When you check the items, if you touch the fire button, you won’t check anymore, then you will begin shooting.

It’s easy to change to the main weapon when you get on to land after swimming.

The audio cue when you move and keep a grenade in your hand was eliminated.

Brand new features

Now the supply box contains brand new clothing and parachutes.

Already unlocked the rewarded share function. You can obtain gold and new clothes if you share the game.

A tutorial was attached to the game in order to assist new players. With the tutorial, they can have a better grasp of the game rules and controls.

The parachute sound effects were attached to the game.

The game lobby and team interface were upgraded. In addition, there was an optimization made to UI display and control logic.

SVD is a brand new rifle that was added to the game.

Three-wheeler vehicle was attached to the game.

Now you can use a reset feature if you get trapped. Your position will be reset later.

Now there are customized buttons added to the settings. The players can totally customize the button’s zone, size, and opacity.

There is a share feature in the wardrobe which allows the players to share the appearances of their characters.

There is a new melee weapon attached to the game, and it’s called rubber chicken. If you keep it, your sprint speed will be developed. The enemies will create particular screams if they get hit by it.

Now there are car horns and bicycle bells. You can utilize them while you are driving your vehicle.

The sprint locked button got attached to the game. The characters are able to change to sprint locked mode from their positions.

Some new languages were added to the game, like Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

A PC version was added to the game. Now the PC players can check out a new server.


The showing of teammate number markers was optimized.

Whenever someone is down, his/her cues will be highlighted. All the cues became clearer now.

A brand new loading interface got attached to the game.

Now you won’t see the pickup button when you shoot.

Brand new settings for melee weapons and throwable pickups were attached to the game.

Already marked the flight path of the plane on the map.

Made an optimization to several details of chat as well as mail systems.

Bug fixes

The med items that weren’t able to develop HP was known as an issue, and it was fixed.

A problem when the friends in a combat are shown as being available was solved.

The problem when the appearance and the hairstyles didn’t show their rarities was solved.

Already repaired a bug when the display didn’t alter back right after shutting the long range scopes.

A problem when the scope information didn’t refresh and revive after choosing new guns was fixed.

Solved the problem that the kill cues obstructed the location markers!

Your characters getting trapped were an issue in the game, and it’s now fixed.

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