Rules of Survival Game: Notice (Nov.23)

Rules of Survival Game: Notice (Nov.23)

Rules of Survival game is getting more and more popular thanks to the previous supports of all the players from across the world. The game is still being updated gradually with a bunch of new features added. The updates promise to make the game more interesting as well as enhance its performance so that the players can get a better experience. In the latest update below, you will check out some new features given out by the development team!

New features in Rules of Survival Game

  • The tasty and nutritious turkeys are an alternative to the health kits. Now the players are able to consume these turkeys so as to regain their HP.
  • It’s easy for the players to share their battle results on Facebook now.
  • Already added a brand new character model to the game! You can check her out on the battleground.

Hopefully, these new features will make Rules of Survival game much better!

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