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Rules of Survival is another Multiplayer survival game with Battle Royale style. The game will let you combat against numerous opponents from around the world and try to stay alive until the very end to become the last man standing. You will be put on a strange island, then, start to roam the areas to search for weapons, items, supplies, gears and many more. Equip yourself with them so you can defeat the enemies. Be sure to dodge the traps set by your rivals, or else you will be taken out! Rules of Survival game allows you to create a group with four members, or you can become a solitary fighter if you want.

How to download and install

For Android:

If you are an Android user, you need to go to your Google Play store then type Rules of Survival game in a searching bar. When the game pops up, you need to tap on the Install button to begin the downloading process. After the process is done, it will be automatically installed to your device. The required Android version to be able to play this game is 4.0 and above. Check it now!

Download and install android

For iOS:

As for iOS users, it’s also very easy to download and install Rules of Survival game. Similar to Android devices, you must open your App store, then type Rules of Survival game in the searching bar. When you see it, you just tap to download it and wait for it to be successfully installed to your device. Make sure your iOS version is 7.0 or up so you can join this game. You can play it on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Check it now!

Download and install iOS

How to play Rules of Survival game

Rules of Survival is the game that will give you awesome challenges and a fierce battle just like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did. The game follows the same gameplay mechanics to PUBG, but you will be able to experience some different things, especially the in-game controls.

  • When the game is done downloading and installing, you have to launch it!
  • Before hitting the Play button, just make sure your character is already nicknamed so you can figure him/her out easily during the battle, particularly when you meet a lot of other opponents.
  • In Rules of Survival, you are enabled to select the mode you want to play, such as Solo, Duo, Squad. After picking one, you need to choose “Ready” and start spawning in the arena.

Your character can perform a lot of actions in the game like punching with bare hands, jumping, sprinting, shooting, aiming and so on. You can also see the total amount of current players that are joining the game. The main way to interact with those actions is to tap on the screen.

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